Monday, June 25, 2012

All moved in!

front of the house
We're all moved in to the new house! We had a housewarming party this past weekend and I decided to take a few pictures before the party. As you can tell, we have plenty of room for visitors!

Kitchen-getting ready for the party

eat in breakfast area

Living Room

dining room

basketball hoop

guest room #1

guest room #2

the office

master bedroom

master bath

guest bath-upstairs

wedding pics at the front, center of the house

up the stairs

stairs down to the basement

guest bath in the basement

eventual basement guest room

another fireplace in the basement

Man Cave area- note the chair right in front of the TV

mini bar

lots of storage

screened in porch

Hot Tub and deck

workshop-AKA man cave #2

backyard :-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our new home...

Towards the end of April this will be our new home. Details to follow :-)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life gets in the way

I feel like it's been forever since I have blogged here. I guess a year is quite a bit of time. 2011 was an interesting year.
  • I finished 3 semesters of grad school and am now in my last semester.
  • We had to say goodbye to Miss Austyn in March.
  • Melissa and Jared's wedding in May and Kim and Dave's wedding in June
  • We visited a lot of family in the Great Northwest and made a trip to CA in July.
  • Celebrated one year of marriage!
  • In mid August we welcomed a new puppy into our home and he stole our hearts. Linus is definitely the center of our attention.
  • Celebrated the holidays with the Gibby's.
  • At the end of December we made a quick jaunt to CA to visit my parents and friends in the area.

Now we are in the new year. A new year means new beginnings, right. Well, we hope it means great beginnings. We are putting our townhouse on the market in two weeks and will hopefully be settled into a single family home in the area by the end of May. We have only been in our townhouse for 3 years, but with interest rates being so good it just seems like the right time to make the move.

Now that I also have a technology blog, hopefully it will prompt me to post more on here. We have a busy, but exciting year ahead. Hopefully all of our friends and family are a great part of it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a little update!

2010 was an amazing year full of many trips to CA and time spent with family and friends. We had great bachelor/bachelorette parties in Las Vegas and had an amazing wedding in Santa Rosa, CA. After all that awesomeness, we decided to top it all off with a spectacular South Pacific honeymoon. Wow! So, what's been going on since then????

Right before the wedding, I applied to graduate school and was accepted. In August we took a trip to Williamsburg to visit Kathy and Alex before they made their trek to Michigan for Alex's exciting new position as the head men's cross country coach. Then, a week later we headed out to CA to look at our professional wedding photos. We also go to visit Jamie, Nick, and Kinley in Sacramento. On that same visit we saw quite a few other friends and as always, I was was anxious and sad to see the summer come to an end.
The school year began with a bang. Starting grad school was a good idea, but it has limited both my time and motivation to make time for "gym" on a regular basis..sigh. It's supposed to be a "lifestyle", right. This year I have a great class, but 25 kids is more than I've had in awhile and there are some other strains that have come with those numbers. Thankfully, these kids really love school and I always have a few fun stories and something to smile about everyday.

Grad school has been a whole new experience. The ages of the students range from 24-late 50's. It is an interesting group full of varying personalities and motivations. So far the program has been A LOT of reading and web based projects. Considering it is a technology program, that is not too suprising. One of the downfalls of the program thus far is that many of the lessons that we've been creating are not realistic for the amount of time that my students have access to computers every week. Hopefully this will be changing in the near future, but we're not there yet.

We also made another quick trip to CA in September to celebrate Dallas and Stephanie's getting married. It was great to be there, but the quick cross country trip always takes a toll. Damn only having 3 personal days!

Moving October Kristan came for a visit and we had a lot of fun in DC and at the Battle of Manassas. The next weekend Andrew and I took a short vacation to Orlando, Florida. We visited Harry Potter land (the butter beer is yum yum!) at Universal Studies, Disney's Magic Kingdom, and Epcot Center. During the month of October Epcot has a food and wine festival. It was awesome! Every single country/area of Epcot has little food stands with small samplings of food/beverages from that country. It was a great way to sample lots of food and wind through the park. Next time we do this trip, we'll definitely plan to have a few more days or just go to one park. The month of October ended with Halloween (our 2nd engagementversary). We tied the dog up to the railing so she could see all the cute little kiddos coming to the door in their costumes. We ended up with lots of extra candy and will definitely buy less next year.

November was a blur of grad school assignments and prayers for Thanksgiving to come sooner rather than later. For Thanksgiving we traveled to CA and visited with lots of friends and family. We stayed with Kristan and Paul for a few days, Sophie and Aaron, and even with Kole and Brian in Salinas. It (as always) felt much too quick, but we were happy to be able to see and visit with so many people. Maybe one day people will come visit us???? We have a cozy guest room ;).

December brought some light snow and the end of my first semester of grad school. I am happy to announce that it was a stressful, yet successful semester. My goal for my second semester is to learn some balance and to spread out my work. Thankfully, I was dedicated enough to do most of my homework on weekends (some people were doing last minute all night writing of papers), but I really need to dedicate an hour or so everyday and it would probably help me feel less pressured on the weekends. I say this with still having 2 weeks until the new semester begins.

This year we celebrated Christmas and New Years with the Gibbys. As always, the Gibbys are amazing hosts and we were fed well. I added a yummy parsnip bread pudding (thanks K!) to the Christmas dinner table and it was well received. This being my first year as "official" family, I really wanted to make a bit more effort than green bean casserole. Andrew spoiled me with a new Lumix ZS7 camera and a coach purse (I've been wanting one forever!). I got Andrew a Kindle, and quite a few items of clothing (because he never NEEDS anything...but really he does).

As we begin a new year, I am looking forward to some good times.

January- Andrew's birthday, helping the Gibby's host a going away party for friends, a break from grad school

February-Elisha's birthday, a trip to Wisp, MD for some skiing (lounging for E) with friends in a cabin for President's day weekend

March-hmmmm need a plan for this month!

April-possibly a girl's trip for spring break, visiting Tevis and Katrina in PA, spring break

May-Jared and Melissa's wedding in CA, finishing semester 2 and beginning semester 3 of grad school, Memorial Day.....miss the Lake days

June-school is out!, Kim and Dave's wedding <3>

July-finishing 3rd semester of grad school, our 1st anniversary...thinking about a trip, 4th of July

That is all I know for now. I am sure there will be more adventures coming our way. Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010

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Sunday, October 17, 2010